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Oleochemical Manufacturing

In the late 1970s, the founders of Southern Acids (M) Berhad (SAB) identified the vast potential of palm oil as an excellent alternative feedstock to the oleochemical industry which was then still largely based on tallow and coconut oil.

Realising the opportunity provided by the abundant supply of palm and palm kernel oils in Malaysia and a preference for vegetable based oleochemicals in many applications such as food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, Southern Acids (M) Sdn Bhd (as it was then) was incorporated in 1980 to venture into the manufacturing of fatty acids and glycerine.

Today, SAB markets its palm based fatty acids and glycerine to the world under Southern Acids Industries Sdn. Bhd. (SAI).

Environment friendly, sustainable development and green chemicals ............ these are the emerging emphasis of today's society. Situated in Kapar, Klang amidst lush palm green trees, SAI is the realisation of the concept of "from green palms to green chemicals." The synergy arising from this concept coupled with well equipped equipment and skilled personnel have enabled SAI to produce high quality  fatty acids and glycerine. 

SAI has been a registered member of RSPO since 2014. As a major oleochemicals manufacturer, SAI is committed towards supplying the market demand for sustainable palm oil products.

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